01. Usage of winbox QR code

WINBOX’s multi-purpose QR code functions are “Promote”, “Transfer” and “Add Friends”

02. How to use QR code for promote?

Its own QR code allows third parties to identify the QR code for registration and download platform through WeChat
scanning or other application software, and become their referrer.

03. How to find your QR code?

Click the QR code icon in the bottom of the WINBOX personal account, click “Save to Album”, so that it can be posted
to social media or friends, become a recommender of the majority of user groups, and get more income

04. How to use QR code to transfer money?

Step 1: Click the QR code icon in the bottom of the WINBOX personal account to scan the QR code of the
transfer object

Step 2: If the mobile phone album already has a QR code that needs to be transferred, click the “Album”
at the top right of the QR code scan and select his QR code.

Step 3: Enter the 6-digit payment code to complete the transfer transaction

05. How to send friend request via QR code?

Click on “Contacts” in WINBOX personal account to find “New Friends”

In addition to entering the UID account of a friend object, you can also send a friend request by scanning or
exporting a QR code image.


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